Vacation is Bad.

Mmmmmm Pop Tarts and Pary Pizzas!

Just spent the week in San Diego.  Did a lot of activity, but ate a ton of calories.  I don’t think they evened each other out.  Here was breakfast and lunch (on a healthy day).



I’m still here.

I realized this weekend that I never posted my weigh-in from LAST Monday.  Through a lot of hard work and perseverance, I gained a pound to put me at 201.  That sucks.

On the bright side, we went on our annual staff retreat to Branson this weekend.  Despite gorging myself at the Dixie Stampede, IHOP, and Red Robin…then some brownies and ice cream at our Life Group last night…I am back to 200.

Either I had a REALLY good week last week…or our scales are REALLY broken.



San Diego.

Heading out to San Diego tomorrow for vacation.  I’ll be back on Friday and I don’t know how eating will go.  I don’t think I will be super disciplined, but I will be back in the swing next week.  Cheers.


Screwed the Whole Thing Up.

Went on a staff retreat to California earlier this week and ate like candy was just invented and promised to help me understand math or dunk.  Oh well, back on the discipline train today, woot woot.

There’s Nothing Like Feeling Pumped After a Workout.

Yes, I’m wearing a Medieval Times crown.

My New Tattoo Design.

Maybe I’ll put in on my big fat belly since there is so much available space.


Chris, why do you insist on uploading pictures of my abs as this blog’s banner? We should share the limelight.

Chad, because you are my inspiration.  I’ll look for a better picture to represent ‘us’ rather than just you.