I would say one of the most difficult things for me (in situations like this) is having company over to the house. Last night, one of Rachel’s nursing school friends came over with her husband. Rachel made pizza for dinner and homemade hot fudge for dessert. It was a great time. But it was one of those situations where I would look like a punk to turn down the pizza and chocolate.

So, yeah, I picked up a pound or two from last night. I guess I have to get used to natural fluctuation, but its annoying to see my weight go up.



2 responses to “Company

  1. chrisholohan

    I did the same thing at the Coyne’s 2 nights ago, homemade double doozies. Awesome!

  2. Starting in Feb. I made a point to lose weight. I started loosely following the Weight Watchers points plan and running. I lost 30 pounds in about four months. I’m convinced drinking 64 ounces of water a day is the reason I lost so much weight. Good luck to you two.

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