Chris: Monday Weigh in.

Today I weighted in at 231. Thats down 3 lbs for the week, not bad, but not earth shattering either. However, I wasn’t very disciplined so I guess its still good that I lost something.

This week I am starting to get back in the gym (was there this morning). I have struggled over the past decade to be on a consistent routine of working out and eating healthy. I always had something the blame it on, too much work in college, living on the road, skinny wife who eats like a mule that won’t diet with me because she may die if she gets less than 9000 calories a day. But its really about me and my decision to eat poorly and not exercise. The times I have been disciplined I saw great improvements, not just how I looked, but to how I felt as well. However, every time my own laziness creeps up and I fall away. Hopefully not this time, we’ll see how it goes.

Goal for this week: Keep my diet under control, hit the gym at least 3 times, lose 4 lbs.



Chad, I am going to keep a record on my “Chris” page of my weigh-ins every week, I think it will be cool for us to look back and see the numbers get smaller. Have a good day buddy.


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