Keep Jumping.

Weighed in at 229 today, thats 1.5 lbs off in 2 days. Working out harder and eating leaner.

I have been wanting to try to forms of cardio so I don’t get bored (I hate cardio). So yesterday I rocked it on the exercise bike after lifting and then went in the gym and shot the basketball and did some drills running around the court, it was fun, I am so out of shape. Another workout that I have been wanting to try is jumping rope. You see boxers on TV do it and they are in great shape so it must work, right? So I looked for a rope at the gym today and found one and tried a little skipping rope workout. Holy Crap! Thats hard!. I felt like the biggest pansy ever, I mean a 10 year old girl can jump rope all day and I almost died after 30 seconds. Oh well, get the heart rate up and hopefully will get the weighed down

Chad, you need to try the jump rope, its intense… a 3rd grade kid playing on the playground sort of way.



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