Chad Brown grew up in Waynesboro, VA. After playing soccer from 7th thru 12th grade, he headed to Johnson Bible College. There he played soccer for two more years…keeping a very lean (sometimes emaciated) figure.

It wasn’t long, however, before Chad chose a new path in life. The path of consuming mass quantities of calories, day and night, with little (to no) exercise.

Chad has hit peaks and valleys in his “pursuit” of returning to his former, lean self. Recently, his friend Chris approached him about a “biggest loser” style weight loss competition. Which brings us here today.

<cue music…cue Bob Costas>

Besides a passionate love of all kinds of foods, one of Chad’s hobbies is sitting as still as possible (see photo). In the next two months, he will have to get out of that chair and shed the pounds in order to become…THE GREATEST OLYMPIAN OF ALL TIME!

<music fades…cue still photo of Chad wrapped in American flag>

8.18.08 // 206

8.25.08 // 201

9.1.08  //  200

9.8.01  //  201

9.15.08  //  200


2 responses to “Chad

  1. i almost bought that house.

  2. 6 lbs…good job dude…what was your weigh-in for the 8th?

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