Nighttime Legs.

Last night I went for a second workout as Ray went to bed.  I’ve never workout past 9, but the gym was pretty much empty and nice.  I did a great leg workout, the kind where you kind of wobble out of the gym.  However, it was hard to wake up this morning so I didn’t know if that was because I lifted so late leading me to not sleep well.  I don’t know.  Oh well, it was nice.



Keep Jumping.

Weighed in at 229 today, thats 1.5 lbs off in 2 days. Working out harder and eating leaner.

I have been wanting to try to forms of cardio so I don’t get bored (I hate cardio). So yesterday I rocked it on the exercise bike after lifting and then went in the gym and shot the basketball and did some drills running around the court, it was fun, I am so out of shape. Another workout that I have been wanting to try is jumping rope. You see boxers on TV do it and they are in great shape so it must work, right? So I looked for a rope at the gym today and found one and tried a little skipping rope workout. Holy Crap! Thats hard!. I felt like the biggest pansy ever, I mean a 10 year old girl can jump rope all day and I almost died after 30 seconds. Oh well, get the heart rate up and hopefully will get the weighed down

Chad, you need to try the jump rope, its intense… a 3rd grade kid playing on the playground sort of way.


Chris Weigh-In.


I stayed the same weight all week which I couldn’t understand because I ate pretty well (not perfect) and exercised all week, oh well.  Just got to stick with it.

Chad, good luck with the cookout.  Don’t go too crazy.


Chad’s Week #3 Weigh-in

Happy Labor Day!  I weighed-in at 200.8 this morning.  Not a drastic difference from last week, but surprising considering how much I gave into eating junk this week.

We’re having a cookout with some friends tonight.  I’m going to try to exercise restraint this evening…and then I’m going to get serious tomorrow with the diet, and hopefully burn some more calories this week.


Holding Steady.

So, I’ve been hanging in there at 201.8 all week.  weird.

Hoping to work off a few pounds this weekend.

That is all.


Week of Exercise.

So I have really gotten on it this week in regard to exercise.  I don’t think my weight has moved much though, which is a little frustrating. However, I have gotten my diet in the right direction so hopefully I will start seeing results soon.  Here’s what the week looked like; Monday: Gym, Tuesday: MTB, Wednesday: Gym, Thursday:  MTB, Friday: Gym.  Thats a good week, I actually feel really good, I always do when I am working out.



No change in weight.  Time to ramp it up!  More calories used, less calories in.